Davinci’s: Phuket’s Famed Italian Joint

DaVinci PhuketDaVinci PhuketDavinci Phuket

Perhaps Phuket’s most famous Italian restaurant, DaVinci’s has some of my favorite ingredients: truffle oil, porcini mushrooms, thick mascarpone, and killer olive oil. In fact the mascarpone was so good and unlike the brands found at say Villa Market or Central, that I was brought to tears. Granted that could have been the prosecco talking. Nonetheless, it was tremendous!

Davinci’s excels at pastas in my opinion, as well as salads such as caprese. The olive oil is so green and peppery that technically speaking you could just eat the bread and oil with a salad and be very satisfied. However, if you aren’t, check out the risotto with porcini topped with a sliver of gold.

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