Black Isle Blonde

Black Isle Organic

I hate to out myself here and take away any street cred I may or may not have had as being a foodie, but I am not a wine person. GASP. I know, I know and I am sorry.


I happen to love beer.

Black Isle Brewery has a tremendous pale ale, the blonde, which is my go-to alcoholic beverage of choice here in Scotland. Black Isle Blonde is…’ brewed with Hallertau hops for a grassy, Germanic aroma’ as the site puts it. It’s light and refreshing and goes with just about anything.

One of the things I love the most about the Highlands and Scotland in general is there love for supporting local produce and companies. It’s almost an obsession, one could say. The hotel and pub as well as Sutor Creek in Cromarty are huge supporters of both Black Isle Brewery and Cromarty Brewery. I’m hoping to visit both and get a tour and a few samples, for purely scientific research of course…


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