Coconut Ice Cream ( with sticky rice and peanuts)

coconut ice cream


Coconut Ice Cream

A quick moment to capture my favorite dessert as the throngs of tourists walk amongst vegetarian food vendors. Once a year, Phuket turns vegetarian for its world renowned festival. Much of the food is fried ( spring rolls, tofu, tempura, faux meat) but this exceptional bowl of vegan ice cream was my must have.

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Topped with a generous amount of sticky rice and roasted peanuts, it melts quickly in the heat. The vendor takes us back into a tiny covered area behind his stall for us to avoid having our 5 year old getting stomped by the crowd and savor his ice cream. He serves us a warm glass of fresh coconut water to accompany our meal. Yes, this indeed is a meal, not a dessert. And seconds are necessary.

Frequently, vendors will top off the dessert with carnation milk, which I’m not a fan of. I think it tastes much better without it. The condensed milk used in Thailand mostly consists of palm oil and is a thick, sweet gloopy substance. My advice is to order your coconut ice cream sans nom ( milk) and enjoy it on its own.

Additional toppings that some vendors have ready for you to load onto your ice cream include candied pineapple, pumpkin, sweet potato mochi, sticky rice, and other delectable toppings. The candied pineapple is my fav addition!

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