khai jiaw ( aka Thai omelettes are the best)

(khai jiaw

 khai jiaw ( aka Thai omelettes are the best)

Here’s the deal: I’m not an omelette fan. 9 out of 10 times I have ever ordered an omelette in the US, UK, or really anywhere else ( save France) it’s been either runny and gross or absolutely overcooked. It doesn’t matter if you are adding lots of yummy cheese and onions. If you can’t get the egg part right, forget about it.

Then I tried khao khai jiaw goong and it’s possibly my favorite Thai dish, which is stunning since I’m normally a som tam girl or gang som lover. Nonetheless, if you cook eggs in a wok guess what? They turn out much better than in a frying pan. The high heat and loads of oil make them bubble and the consistency is superb. Adding shrimp or crab ( even better) and you are dealing with an omelette that will amaze you. 

Put it over rice and add some prik nam pla and your mind will be blown. Perhaps afterwards indulge in some coconut ice cream!


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