Hokkaido Soft Ice Cream

Hokkaido Soft


Hokkaido is known throughout the world for having some of the highest quality milk. This part of Japan has become a popular foodie destination, as well as exporting items made there; Central, a big supermarket chain in Thailand, fills their promotional material with new items that have arrived specifically from Hokkaido.

To add to this rage in food from Japan, ice cream chains using Hokkaido milk have emerged in Thailand. Hokkaido Soft is one example. Located throughout Bangkok, this chain serves some of the best soft serve ice cream I have ever had. From green tea to creamy milk chocolate, the quality of ice cream here is top notch.

My personal favorite is the chocolate or green tea swirl. Mixed with their classic milk/vanilla variety, which would probably taste great on its own, this combo of flavors is the perfect between meal snack.


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