Gang Som Pla: salty, spicy heaven in a bowl

gang som pla


Gang som pla is perhaps my favorite Thai dish. Ever. It’s funny that most farang ( foreigners) are not introduced it and instead opt for say phad Thai or satay. Gang som, like som tam, is a dish that receives little acclaim from foodies mainly due to it not being available outside of Thailand. My Mom for example eats at a local ‘Thai’ restaurant ( may be owned by Thais but the cuisine is…questionable) that serves up probably the worst food I’ve ever had in LA, and of course do you think gang som is on the menu? No. Restaurant owners outside of Thailand think it’s too exotic or spicy for foreigners but in reality I think it would be a total hit, as would som tam.

I’ve had gang som pla made differently, depending on who’s cooking it. Sometimes served with cauliflower and other times with coconut, or even salmon instead of whatever fish is normally used ( still not sure) it’s always been good. I’ve even had it once with pineapple and it was still delish.

If you don’t live in Thailand, try asking your local Thai restaurant if they can make it for you. Your in for a real treat if they can! If you want something milder, go for a Penang curry or the classic green curry

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