Eating Laksa in Georgetown, Penang

Georgetown Penang


Our flight was a quick one: Phuket to Penang, a direct flight on FireFly that we’ve taken many times before. But this trip to Penang was different. We now had made friends with a family close to the hotel we frequent, and have fallen totally in love with Georgetown.

Previously we had stayed in Batu ferringhi whenever we visited the island. The beach was nice and we have nothing to complain about in particular, but there is something about Georgetown that makes it magical. The similarity between it and Phuket Town is obvious, from the architecture to the culture itself. Yet there are big differences between the cuisines.

A mix between Malay, Indian, and Chinese tastes, cultures collide in memorable ways, especially in the food. You can get the popular curry mee and Char Kway Teow at most restaurants and a number of hawker stalls, but my interest this trip was tucking into a steaming bowl of laksa.

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Laksa in Penang

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Where to begin with laksa? First off, I had three bowls of it, from three different restaurants. One of the three was way too sweet for me, with so many competing flavors. The other (above photos)  was utterly perfect. Saltier then the first and with more of a shrimp flavour to the broth. I complimented it with a beer ( or two).



I will be heading back to Penang once more before we leave South East Asia ( unless something keeps us here…which is a possibility, knowing us!) and plan on exploring more laksa restaurants, such as these.






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