Culinary Travel with Lonely Planet Guides

culinary travel

Looking to plan your next culinary adventure abroad?

One of my favorite new apps is Lonely Planet Guides, a free portable tour guide that will help you find not only the best must-see temples, museums, and monuments, but also explore up and coming restaurants and hot spots. Whether you’re looking for the best place to get a cocktail or street food recommended by locals, Lonely Planet Guides will help you plan your trip.

The guides are downloadable within the app, and have everything from maps to photos, Facebook fanpages, phone numbers, and everything else you need to know if you’re making a reservation, or happen to be strolling in a neighborhood and wondering if there is a good place to eat in the area.

The city guides start with an overview on each destination, including the local cuisine and culture. They give the exchange rate for the local currency and also let you know how far your budget will stretch. You can also find tips for changing money and ATMs, as well as how you should tip people in the service industry.

Lonely Planet Guides

The app is available on both itunes and Google Play, and as I’ve mentioned, it’s free! Head on over here to find out more and download it.

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