Exploring Klia2: Layover in Kuala Lumpur

klia2 airport

Looking to spend a day in KL and don’t really want to leave the airport area? I feel you. As much as I prefer heading into the city to explore new areas and restaurants, I was only planning on being in KL for a day last week and decided it would be easier to just stay near the airport.


Exploring KLia2 is a fun way to kill time before your next flight, or to grab a meal and get some shopping done.

During my last overnight trip in KL, I stayed at the nearby Tune Hotel. As much as I didn’t like that particular hotel ( no amenities and the rooms were dirty), the location was right next to the airport. Plus, the wifi was good.

klia2 airport

Before I checked into Tune, I meandered through Klia2 and stumbled upon BMS Organics, a vegetarian restaurant and health food store open til midnight. I ordered the ‘fish’ burger, which was served on a delicious charcoal bun. This restaurant became my go-to place for meals durin my brief stay in KL.

On the ground floor you’ll find a supermarket with an array of Malay snacks, including durian chocolate. It’s also the place to pick up kid-friendly items, formula, etc if you have run out. And speaking of kids, there is a ToysRUs in Klia2!

klia2 airport

If you need some caffeine, you’ll find several coffee shops and restaurants (such as Hometown Hainan) throughout the airport.

One of my favorite places in KLia2 is Boost, a 24 hour smoothie shop. I haven’t seen many airports in Asia with a smoothie or juice place. Another 24 hour place is Quizinn, the food court on I believe the third floor. My meal there wasn’t the best ( the curry was sweeter than my smoothie from Boost), but you’ll find lots of food stalls to choose from.

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