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Pinterest for travel bloggersPinterest is my top traffic generation source, and it’s also been the place where I’ve connected with travel brands, influencers, and publications such as Lonely Planet.

And yet Pinterest is perhaps the travel industry’s least used social media platform. And yet, it remains one of the most powerful places for hotels and tourism boards to get in front of avid travelers.

Pinterest happens to be my top traffic driver for not only my digital strategy business, but my two travel blogs. My clients ( in various industries) have had the same boost in exposure too.

Today we’re going to be going over Pinterest tips for travel bloggers and travel brands, and how you can get the most out of this awesome visual social media network.

Pinterest For Travel Bloggers

As a travel blogger or travel brand, you have four primary goals when it comes to building your brand and online platform:

+ Have a strong personal brand ( or travel brand/ destination)

+ Create high-quality, share-worthy blog posts in your blogging niche

+ Build up your Page Rank in Google

+ Grow your subscribers on your email list/ followers on social media

+ Get targeted traffic 

These key components seem to be what makes or breaks a travel blogger, and guess what?

Pinterest can help you with all of those goals.

For me personally, I do freelance writing and digital strategy consulting, which means my focus is heavily on building up relationships with travel publications & tourism boards, as well as get in touch with Ideal Clients for my consulting services. I still make Pinterest my social media focus because it has helped put me in front of big travel publications like Lonely Planet, and build a relationship with them. Pinterest lead to me being a Lonely Planet Pathfinder, and it also is the reason I run their tastes of Thailand Pinterest board.

The great things about Pinterest for travel bloggers is that you can get pretty targeted traffic, if you pin correctly.

The key is to do the following:

+ Create high-quality posts for your Ideal Blog Reader, as we discussed above

+ Create Ideal Pins ( branded long, vertical images for your blog posts)

+ Pin those pins/posts onto group boards that are engaged and in your niche

Pinterest for travel bloggers

How To Create Pinterest-Optimized Blog Posts & Images

When I talk about Pinterest optimized blog posts, I’m referring to posts that are well-written ( worth sharing, remarkable, helpful, etc) and that have a long, vertical branded image that best represents what the post covers.

The better your image/pin and the more compelling the copywriting ( wording) on it, the more click throughs and shares you will get.

I use Relay That to create pins/blog post images for Pinterest. It’s not a free service but I find the templates to be the best. For example, when I create an image for my digital strategy business, I like to have my logo on the image/pin, and the templates on Relay That have some great ways to incorporate my logo into the overall design.

Canva is your next best option, and what some prefer. I like to use the Canva app on my phone to create other images for social media, and I use Relay That strictly for in-post images and Pins.


How To Join The Right Travel Boards

There are two keys for travel bloggers looking to get the most out of pinning their content ( and sharing other people’s content) to Pinterest.

+ Creating great, pillar ( in depth) blog posts

+ Creating Pinterest-optimized images that are long and branded

+ Sharing said content to engaged travel boards in your niche

To find great travel boards, you can either search for ‘travel’ or ‘travel blogging’ or your destination or niche in Pinterest, and see if any group boards come up. Contact the owner of the board and politely ask to join.

Another way is to search for the same keywords on PinGroupie, a directory not affiliated with the Pinterest company but that keeps track of all the groups boards available.

I have multiple group boards myself that travel bloggers are welcome to join, as long as they pin high-quality posts that abide by the group boards’ rules. Here my group board devoted to travel bloggers!

How To Pin Your Instagram Pics

As a travel blogger, hotel, or travel brand, you probably have some fantastic pictures you’ve taken and shared on Instagram. Why not repurpose them by pinning them to a Best of Instagram board?

When you go to is, you will be able to click on your images, and from there, can pin said image to whatever board you choose IF you have he Pin It button installed to your browser. You can get that Pin It Button here.

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Making An Income From Pinterest

As I mentioned earlier, travel bloggers can make a living in various ways, such as freelancing, consulting, coaching, being a virtual assistant, referrals/affiliates, creating eCourses, creating eBooks, becoming an ambassador for a brand, and getting sponsored posts.

If you start to pin consistently to the right boards on Pinterest, you’ll be getting traffic. This means that if you share a post that has a high-quality affiliate link or that promotes your product, you could make more sales by getting qualified traffic from Pinterest.

The Secret To MORE Traffic & Sales From Pinterest

I’ve got an amazing, super powerful software recommendation for you that will help you pin to Pinterest more frequently. It’s called Board Booster, and it has free ( and very cheap) plans available. You even get a free trial.

Board Booster allows you to choose what pins you want share where, and how often. It then does the work for you. If you’re new to Pinterest, you may not yet understand how helpful, but trust me when I say this is going to help you get more traffic! Your posts will be essentially placed in a funnel that gets pinned as often as you want.

How To Get More Followers

Contrary to what you may think, getting a ton of follower on Pinterest isn’t actually the thing you should be focusing on the most. Yes, it can be helpful to woo brands by saying you have 1 million followers on there. But if you want traffic and sales ( and the bling bling) it is best to focus on getting click throughs from your pins to your blog posts.

This is done by following the steps I’ve outlined in this post.

But by pinning consistently, your Pinterest following will grow naturally. I grew mine to nearly 30K followers over the years by doing everything I’ve mentioned here.

Pinterest For Travel Brands & Hotels

Because Pinterest is a visual social media network, it’s the ideal place for tourism boards and hotels to share images of their destination.

It’s also a great place to connect with influencers and travel bloggers who are keen on sharing ( repinning) content.

The key to gaining traction on Pinterest is to:

+ Join travel-related group boards where you can pin your images, blog posts, and more

+ Create boards that would be of interest to your Ideal Customer/Vacationer 

+ Have excellent images of your destination or hotel to share

+ Repin blog posts & photos from influencers and travel bloggers

+ Set up a business account so you have access to analytics

If you pin high-quality images and blog posts that showcase your travel brand on a consistent basis, you’ll soon gain traction on Pinterest and get in front of a wide audience of travelers interested in your destination.

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