How to accomplish your travel goals



how to accomplish your travel goalsLet’s face it: the majority of us have a long list of places we want to visit, and wish we could see them all today. Or tomorrow. Or at least in the next week…

And for us culinary travelers, we also have wine trains in mind, and tons of restaurants, markets, and hawker stalls we’d like to eat at, stat.

If you didn’t happen to accomplish your travel goals last year, 2017 is the year for you to decide that this year, you’re going to dine at that michelin star restaurant in Prague, or finally go wine tasting in Provence.

Write Down Your Travel Goals

Perhaps you’ve heard habit-gurus say things like ‘if it isn’t written, it doesn’t get done’. Writing down your goals not only feels inspiring, it helps you to stay motivated, particularly if you revisit your travel goals often.

Another idea is to begin journaling. A journal may seem hard to keep up with, but if you commit to writing down at least a page a day, you’ll see that it’s not only doable but helpful in actually accomplishing your goals, whatever they may be. Why is that? According to writer Julia Cameron ( creator of morning pages), when you get all the ‘brain drain’ out and onto paper, this opens the door to creativity, and inspiration.

And both of those things are helpful when it comes to the next step!

Start Planning Your Trip Now

While many of us like to be spontaneous in what we see and do on our travels, one of the best ways to accomplish your travel goals is to start planning your trip early. This will help you ensure you actually go on that vacation/tour/sabbatical.

You can start researching airfare and hotels, as well as restaurants you want to visit, and can still leave space in your schedule for impromptu detours.

How to accomplish your travel goals in 2017

Find A Travel Companion 

If you think you may let life get in the way of actually accomplishing your travel goals, call up a travel-loving friend and ask them to go with you. That way, you’ll have not only someone to share the experience with, but a person to hold you accountable to actually going!

My husband and daughter are my travel buddies. We’ve been all over Asia and Europe together, and I rarely travel without them.

And speaking of family, I think kids can make the best travel companions! While they can be difficult to travel with on long international flights ( especially toddlers), it’s worth it when you get to your destination. And travel really is the best education and bonding experience.

You can get family travel tips at our other site,

Find A Way To Work Remotely

Most people don’t travel to all the places on their bucket list is because of work. Whether you’re a CEO at a company or a sommelier, finding time to take off work to travel can be a challenge.

Although it may take some effort, dedicate this year to finding a way to work remotely, at least for part of the year. This may mean a career change, or it could simply be working with a virtual assistant to help you when you’re out of the country. Either way, if you can try and find a way to spend less time in the office, you’ll be able to accomplish more of your travel goals.

Find A Travel Community 

A great way to find the motivation to actually book those plane tickets is to find a local ( or virtual) travel community. My 75 year old Mother’s travel community is the rotary club, where she has met numerous travelers and been invited on luxurious trips. There are thousands of travel-related Facebook groups, and also my digital nomad pinterest board, and you can even attend live events around your particular travel-related interests.

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Whether you find a local or virtual group, devote some time this month to finding a travel community you gel with, and make an effort to keep in touch with the members. You may even find a travel companion for your next trip!

What are your travel goals for 2017? 

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