Koh Mak: A Foodie’s Dream Island

Several months ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Koh Mak on a FAM trip with Royal Silk Holidays and DASTA. I published photos from the experience over on Steller, which you can check out my clicking the above image.

But today, I wanted to take a moment to talk about why I think Koh Mak is a fantastic destination in Thailand for foodies.

Koh Mak is working hard at branding itself as a sustainable, low carbon destination and is doing a fantastic job at both keeping the island’s waste to a minimum ( compared to say Phuket) and many of the local restaurants and hotels have jumped on board.

I was very impressed by both the local organic vegetables and the extremely fresh seafood in both Trat City and on Koh Mak. My family and I lived in Phuket for many years and so we know good seafood, and what we had in Koh Mak was probably the best.

On our first evening, we went to Koh Mak Seafood, which is the island’s leading low carbon restaurant. Run by one of the original five families from the island, this restaurant grows many of its own vegetables and gets its seafood right from the water below it.

A must-order at Koh Mak Seafood is the fried som tam, which is the restaurant’s signature dish. The crispy, fried papaya was sensational, and the perfect starter. We also had a local fish that can only be found in the Trat region, which had a swordfish-like texture. The home-made coconut ice cream is another foodie’s must-eat and highly recommended. I could have eaten about four bowls..

This beautiful restaurant is family-friendly too, with not one but two play areas for kids, making it the perfect place to take the family when you’re visiting Koh Mak.

We went to several small eateries on the island ( that were amazing) and also had breakfast and coffee at at one of the island’s only cafes.




Our stay in Koh Mak was quite brief and sadly, it was storming like mad during the trip. But the food was so fantastic and the tour guides so devoted and friendly that the experience is one that will stay with me for some time.

If you’re planning on heading to Koh Mak, you can take a boat from the piers in Trat City over to the island, or take a boat from Koh Chiang.

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