Travel Fashion: How to travel in style and comfort


travel fashionAre you looking to travel in style and comfort but aren’t sure what to wear? Do you travel often and want to look good from the moment you hop on the plane to when you’re checking into your hotel?

I’m excited to announce a new series here at Epic Wanderings called Elle’s Edit that’s all about travel fashion.

The reason I decided to incorporate travel fashion tips into a regular series is because I find the majority of female travel blogs that share fashion tips are geared to a different audience than I find myself in. I’m personally a fan of traveling in style and comfort, and I know for a fact that you can pull off London street style in places like South East Asia, where it’s hot AF but you still want to wear black. Yes, you can do it!

My personal style can be summed up as somewhat modest ( I don’t wear mini skirts) but also functional and with light fabrics that work in hot weather.

My travel style is a merging between Asian and European street style trends. I’m a relatively curvy gal with an hourglass shape, which can make it hard to shop for my bodytype here in Asia. Yet I navigate the local markets here in Chiang Mai and mix what I find here with London-style trends like athleisure.

If you are a female jet-setter looking for fashion tips as well as packing tips, I think you’ll enjoy the Elle’s Edit travel style series, and I look forward to creating our first post in the series soon.

And if you are dapper traveling fella, we may also review men’s clothing too, if I can convince my husband to let me feature him. I’m pretty sure he’ll step out from behind the camera at some point!

If you’re a brand and are interested in having me wear and review your clothing, please head on over to my Travel Fashion Reviews page for more information.

And for sneak peeks of what I’m wearing, follow us on Instagram!

Stay tuned! 🙂

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