Stacii: Ethical, chic fashion for travelers

Must-have clutch from Stacii

If you’re as into travel fashion and how to travel in comfort and style as I am, chances are you’re always on the lookout for a brand that balances sustainable fashion and culture.

Stacii does just that: she brings you ethically sourced items that make a statement, whether they adorn your body or your home.

This Thailand-based lifestyle brand features comfortable clothes that are perfect for lounging or traveling, as well as statement items like the incredible ‘it’ clutch I was sent to review ( and that you can see in the photos in this post).

I’m so in love with this clutch. It’s the perfect representation of Thai fashion and culture, and it looks great with every outfit.

My review of the amazing 'it' clutch from Stacii

Supporting local artisans is important to Stacii and its customers. According to the site:

Stacii is committed to fostering long term relationships with local designers, artisans and small businesses. Our core wish is to create a long term platform where they are connected to a global market while equipping them with the right tools to grow their digital knowledge.
This we believe will enable them to sustain their craft business while freely nurturing their design and craft skills.
The home decor items at Stacii are just as unique as their clothes and accessories. Items like the hanging macrame lantern and the below singing bowls are a beautiful addition to any travel-lovers home, especially if you happen to love all things bohemian.
Learn more about the boho home decor items at Stacii
To find out more about Stacii and to shop their upcoming bazaar, head on over to their site and make sure to follow them on Instagram!

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