Fabletics Review: Affordable athleisure that’s great for travel


When most women are traveling, they want to obviously look good and have an outfit that best reflects their personality and career, but even more importantly, they want to feel comfortable.

This is why I love athleisure, and what drew me to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand.

I first found out about Fabletics about a year ago after watching a youtube video of an interview with Kate. I had never heard of the brand before and since I was on a bit of an athleisure kick ( I’m a gym nut and love Gigi Hadid’s fitness style), I was looking for nice outfits that work from ‘barre to bar’ as they say. Not like I’m actually going to bars, but you get what I mean. I guess ‘barre to grocery store’ would be more accurate.


Fabletics doesn’t ship to Thailand but my very kind and general Mother was coming over to visit and always brings with her things that we can’t get here. Namely, clothes in my size. Bless her heart. I just can’t seem to find clothes here that are cut for my curvy shape. Almost all markets have super cute Bangkok trends that sadly don’t fit me, as much as I want them to. While I’m about a medium to large in US bottoms, here I’m like a triple XL and they don’t even carry that in most places. And if you’re wondering my weight, I’m about 129 and 34-30-38. I’m just built bigger than the average female Asian frame. Billy ( my husband) on the other hand fits perfectly into Thai sizes as he has a slender frame similar to Thai men. Lucky bastard gets to shop at the market for clothes that are only 80 baht. 🙁 I’m super jealous.


Which brings me back to Fabletics.

The brand has a super good deal for new customers and they keep rates down by having a VIP program ( which you can sign up for here) that is a monthly membership program that you can cancel at any time. You also get perks when you’re a VIP, like points for leaving reviews and you can get free clothes and other items when you rack up enough points. VIPs also get discounts on wellness brands and free access to member-only workouts.

As a VIP member, you get curated outfits you can choose to purchase each month. These outfits save you money compared to if you bought the items seperately. ie you can find outfits for 50 dollars when the leggings alone would cost that, so it’s like you get a free sports bra.

And the good thing about that is that they have quite a growing library of new, on trend workout videos from instructors around the world. 

The Things I LOVE about Fabletics ( esp for travelers)

If you exercise frequently or just live in leggings, you will adore Fabletics. Why? Their leggings are very high-quality for the price point.

Compare their 20 to 50 dollar leggings to expensive brands like Lululemon and you’ll see what I mean.

Their high-waisted leggings are where it’s at. I ADORE THEM. I’m OBSESSED with them. They are flattering and have nice prints, and each month new prints are introduced.

I’ve purchased so far maybe 15 items from Fabletics ( I go to the gym daily and am addicted to athleisure so…) and I in general love everything I’ve purchased. Three of my go-to bras are all Fabletics and they are comfortable and work great not just when you’re working out but under your usual clothes.

Additionally, Fabletics has a wide range of sizes, including plus size athleisure.

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The things I dislike about Fabletics


If you want to save money, you again have to become a VIP member, which you can cancel at any time by calling them. You have til a certain day each month to skip that month or you will be billed around 50 dollars. Skipping the month is easy and you can keep skipping each month and still keep all your VIP perks ( like access to their really good exercise videos).

Some people have issues with the fact Fabletics is a membership program. This personally doesn’t bother me, but it may bother you, which is why I bring it up.

I also find that their sizes really vary. I have some bras in a size large that fit me perfectly ( and I’m a 34C) and others that are huge in places, like in the arm pit area. I bought two dresses from them that I cannot wear as they are huge.

I also dislike their mid rise leggings and only stick with the high-waisted ones which are again super comfy and flattering and many have compression.

Fabletics also sells out of styles and sometimes does not restock. This can be very frustrating if you are looking for an outfit in say a size XS and it goes out of stock, so you’re waiting around to see if it will ever come back in stock so you can use your monthly credit and the outfit never gets restocked.

As I mentioned earlier, they do not ship to where I live, which also sucks. And there free shipping for US residents is SUPER slow and can take up to 2 weeks. This is again how they try and keep the prices low for customers, and you can always upgrade shipping for a fee.

I also think their customer service could be improved. I’ve had two good experiences and two bad ( or unhelpful) rather. Last time I tried chatting with them I got some sort of robot that couldn’t help me at all.

All in all, I do think Fabletics is a great place to buy athleisure clothes, particularly leggings. The Demi Lovato collection is superbly designed, as are many of the monthly outfits.

If you’d like to find out more about Fabletics and learn about their VIP program ( plus if they ship to where you live, if you’re outside the US/EU/Australia) , head on over here. They have great introductory prices for new members!

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