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“True gastronomy is making the most of what is available, however modest.”
Claudia Roden

You like travel, style, and good food, I like travel, style, & good food. It’s a match made in heaven!

Through Epic Wanderings, I share food and travel fashion tips for avid jet-setters who also happen to be foodies. Expect a lot of food porn too plus travel and style guides.

I also help you find the best travel products ( like luggage and tech must-haves) that will help make your next trip even more incredible.

And through my work as a freelance writer, photojournalist, & blogger, I’ll help you plan your culinary travels in Asia & Europe.

Whether I’m writing for Lonely Planet or reviewing travel itineraries for tourism boards, I hope to find & feature the best local haunts for culinary travel enthusiasts who are looking to take a memorable trip that will have an impact on their lives.

From the very best market tips to hotel reviews and more,  Epic Wanderings is the culinary travel blog of a long time gastronome and world traveler/Third Culture Kid. I’ve been based in Thailand for over five years and also lived in France, Italy, South Korea, and Scotland. And that’s not counting the month I spent studying Swahili in Kenya or my long stay at an Ayurvedic clinic outside of Delhi.

My goal is to share the pleasure of good food & the nourishment it provides, as well as the transformational aspects of eating in good company.

You’ll find free culinary travel guides, books, & restaurant recommendations and even travel videos to help inspire your culinary journey in Asia and Europe.

My desire is to inspire you to experience a country through its cuisine and chefs, which I believe hold the heart and soul of a culture and gives one a glimpse of some of the world’s best dishes and ingredients.

From street stalls in Thailand to family run establishments in Toscana and Ayurvedic cooking in India, I share my favorite haunts and dishes with you, my epicurean friend.

In addition, you’ll find travel fashion tips for jet-setters that mix comfort and style.

For inquiring about collaborations, sponsorships, interviews, and product reviews, email us at: ellekbradley@gmail.com

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About The Epicure

The name’s Elizabeth. Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley. That didn’t sound nearly as James Bondish as I wish it had ( sounded better in my head), sorry about that.

I’m a freelance travel/food/style writer, photojournalist, and digital strategist that specializes in culinary travel, particularly in Europe and Asia.

I’ve studied at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and at Matador U, merging my passions for food, travel, and photojournalism.

I’m also a long-time traveler, dual citizen, foodie, and grown up Third Culture Kid. My Father was an American geologist turned sailor, and my Mum is a self-taught cook from Cambridge. When I was five, my Dad began working in Antibes, France and bought a house there for what was then a super great price.

Even though I was born in the States, I always viewed France as home. But I also spent lots of time as a child in Singapore and other places in Europe and Asia, as well as a month in Kenya. Yes, I was lucky. And I’m extremely grateful for being raised in multiple cultures.

This travel and food centered lifestyle continues to shape my life to this day. I’ve been living in Thailand with my husband and daughter for about 5 years. Before that, we lived in Korea for a year and Italy for 6 months.

As a member of the Lonely Planet Pathfinder community, I document my culinary journeys here in Thailand and abroad and also run their Tastes of Thailand board on Pinterest.

In my free time, I enjoy playing video games with my husband Billy, taking nature walks with our daughter Kaya, and attempting to learn Thai.

My dream is to spend part of every year in Japan and document the otaku culture while eating sushi and staking Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Akira Yamaoka.

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Hiring Me

Want me to craft articles for your site or publication or have me review your hotel or destination? Please feel free to email us ( ellekbradley@gmail.com). I do travel, as you probably know by now.

In addition to freelance writing and photojournalism, I’m a Social Media and content marketing strategist and specialize in helping my clients develop a blogging, Pinterest, and Facebook group strategy for their restaurant, coaching business, or travel brand. Find out more here.

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